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Spring/Summer 2011 Smitemaster's Selection: The Truthlock Method

Directing the vessels

The Truthlock Method a DROD expansion pack that contains an amazing hold by George Wanfried, one of the best architects out there. The story is designed by DROD creator Erik Hermansen. In this Smitemaster's Selection, Beethro finally returns to the City Beneath after his many adventures. With the unfathomable Grand Event fast approaching, Beethro is still looking for the Truth. And here, he finally uncovers a True System for finding it, once and for all. He will encounter familiar faces from his earlier adventures, such as Jobus from the Perfection Complex and First Librarian, and meet new ones that will become firmly rooted in the story.

Don't miss out on this Selection, as it marks the transition between DROD: The City Beneath and DROD: The Second Sky!

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