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DROD: The City Beneath

"This sequel is a great continuation of DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold.  Highly recommended."
-Ed Pegg, Mathpuzzle

"The entire game is pitched at the level of frustration that keeps you hacking away at the problem instead of turning away and taking a break. You can sit down for a few before eating lunch, and when you check the time, you'll see that you've been playing so long you've skipped lunch and dinner."
-Tony Delgado, Game Set Watch

The DROD series began over a decade ago and has enthralled thousands of players.  Our latest DROD game, The City Beneath, was made by and for this community.  Admittedly, The City Beneath is a very difficult game, but it's also a tremendously rewarding experience.  We did not make this game for just anyone; we made it for the great puzzlesolvers in the world--the joyful scrutinizers, the illuminated elite!  Our approach is to create novel types of puzzles and showcase their facets in the context of an interesting story.

You begin as a rather ugly man named "Beethro" who travels deep beneath the ground.  There are other people down there too, citizens of a mysterious "Rooted Empire", that are carving tunnels and building things.  Beethro just wants to know why, but it's hard to get a useful answer.  He was always fond of saying "there is no problem that can't be solved with a really big sword," but upon arriving at the underground capital, Beethro is startled to find that nobody seems interested in attacking him. No, for some reason, they would rather persuade him to stand in a very long line.

Are you new to DROD?  If so, then I envy you.  A vast, unexplored territory has just opened up!  Here is what you will find in our latest offering:

  • Over 350 rooms, each grouped within a level organized around a different type of puzzle element.
  • A humorous story of conspiracy and confusion with over 80 characters, each portrayed with quality voice acting.
  • Secrets and extra challenges that lay in store for the more curious.
  • A 90-minute soundtrack composed by synthpop artist Jon Sonnenberg of Travelogue.
  • Detailed in-game artwork that shows a range of environments, including outdoor and weather effects.
  • Incredibly active player community on our forum and fan site.

DROD is a game built with love and skill from people who cared very much about what it would become.  There is nothing else quite like it.  I recommend that you try our free demo below to see if DROD is right for you, and if you are right for DROD!

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