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DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon

What happened to Beethro on his first excursion into King Dugan's Dungeon?  Well, mainly it was just the usual dungeon exterminator's subterranean grind: killing off thousands of roaches, chopping through tar, guzzling mimic potions, and generally ridding the King's underground chambers of all that should not be there.  But also Beethro met an unexpected enemy, created lifelong grudges against him, and learned secrets that would later motivate his journey to Rooted Hold.

King Dugan's Dungeon has been around in different forms for years.  It is the original game that started many DROD players' careers.  Now we've upgraded it to make full use of the latest DROD engine.  King Dugan's Dungeon now has better graphics, new rooms, new secrets, complete voice acting for Beethro and other characters, and is fully integrated into our online score and progress-tracking system.  The old version is still available, but for the best experience, we recommend this version of King Dugan's Dungeon.  To give you a sense of what lies in store, this level collection is roughly the same size as Journey to Rooted Hold, with over 350 rooms!

The full version of DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon also contains Neil Frederick's excellent hold, The Choice.  This is a challenging series of rooms organized such that each room must be completed in one of two ways, depending on an initial decision.

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[ Consequences ]
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