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DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold

"The game is huge, clever, well paced, and entertaining. I agree with the high praise that DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold has gotten so far -- this is the best puzzle game of all time."
-Ed Pegg,

"This is the best indie game I've ever played."
-Andy Schatz, creator of Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa

"the Deadly Rooms of Death games ... offer gameplay of a sort nothing in the conventional industry provides"
-Greg Costikyan, CEO of Manifesto Games

Swordplay and puzzles combine in this thinking man's dungeon crawl.  It's simple to learn, with just a handful of commands to master.  But the unique gameplay provides an amazing depth.  A detailed overhead view shows monsters, obstacles, and other game elements.  You have as much time as you like to contemplate your next move.  So this is a good game for relaxing, but also terrifically involving once you get started.  You'll be hooked by the story of Beethro and his troublesome nephew, Halph.  Our heroes set off on a harmless jaunt, but end up far below the surface, chased by a clownish madman.  They begin to uncover a vast, underground bureaucracy, and things only get stranger the further they delve.  You've got over 350 rooms ahead--each one a singular challenge for you to conquer.  A level editor, online features, and enthusiastic player community make this a game you can play for years.

  • 25 sprawling levels with over 350 custom designed rooms, including secret rooms.
  • Over twenty-five hours of constantly changing gameplay, plus level editor and modding capabilities.
  • 17 types of monsters with greatly varying abilities and behavior.
  • 11 different characters, some of which contribute to puzzles as well as story development.
  • 15 other game elements including obstacles, potions, explosives, and tunnels.
  • Incredibly active player community on our forum and fan site.
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