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Flash DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon Lite, Episode 2

Want to get this game on your site? This game is still in an active final development phase, bugs are being fixed and features being added. You may want to wait a week or two so we can finish it properly. Click here to get the SWF and thumbs!

After clearing the first four levels of King Dugan's Dungeon, Beethro finds himself faced with even greater adversaries - long, slithering serpents and the dreadful Living Tar.


Backstory: Beethro Budkin, fifth-generation professional dungeon exterminator, was hired by King Dugan to clear the king's multi-level dungeon of a large monster infestation. Beethro charges by the room, and as a professional, he is contract-bound to clear all the monsters from each and every room in the dungeon to get paid. The only weapon Beethro needs to do his job is a Really Big Sword, which will defeat almost any monster in a single hit.

Your objective is to clear each level of King Dugan's Dungeon of monsters. This feat can be accomplished using only your Really Big Sword™ and your wits. Each room is a separate area that has to be cleared in a single session. Should you leave a room without completely clearing it, it will be restored to its initial state when you return.

Those brave enough can compete for the best score (least number of moves) in each room against players from all over the world. If you create an account on the Caravel Forum and provide your CaravelNet user credentials in the Options menu (these can be retrieved from your forum user profile), your scores will be submitted to the leaderboards. These will last for two weeks, unless you purchase a CaravelNet subscription, in which case your scores will be kept forever. If you do not type in the details, you will be only notified what place your score would've attained (so-called anonymous scores).

Numpad or 789 uio jkl - Move around
Q and W - Turn sword
Backspace - Undo last move
R - Go back to last checkpoint
Shift+R / F5 - Restart room
Shift+Move/Turn sword - Do the action and its opposite
F3 - Display move counter
Enter - Room info
Escape - Pause menu
F1 - About and Help
F2 - Get help for currently played room
Tab - Show list of achievements
Mouse click - Inspect game elements

Programming, development, concept:
Maurycy Zarzycki

Art & Music:
Erik Hermansen, Maurycy Zarzycki

Server-side development:
Matt Schikore

Level Development:
Jacob Grinfeld, Larrymurk, Tom Brouws

Primary Testers:
Panther, Jason Mayeaux

Sam Benner, Tom Brouws, Jacob Grinfeld, Logan West, George Wanfried (Chaco), 12th Archivist, DiMono, Dischorran, Jatopian, Neather2, Panther, Pearls, Snacko, N. K. Tiitto, Tim

Bombadil (es), Damien Poussier (fr), DyRsOfDh14 (es), Martin Coors (de), Guilherme Töws (pt), Jutt (nl), Pekka (fi), Robin Knabe (nl), The Architest (fi), Xander Deubelbeiss (de)

Voice Talents:
Sten Ryason, Johannah West, Logan West

Original Coding, Idea & Levels
Erik Hermansen, Lucas Swineford, Mike Rimer

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