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"CaravelNet is nothing short of a revolution when it comes to indie puzzle games, it was never easier to obtain and play additional content"
-Moritz Voss, GameTunnel

Traditionally, contemplative games like DROD have been a solitary sport.  You would putter along on your own, and mostly keep the game to yourself.  Well, we feel it's time to change that!  Our online service, CaravelNet, adds an extra dimension to DROD--a social dimension.  Here is what is currently available right now on CaravelNet:

  • You can compete against other players for high scores--overall or specific to hold/room.  When you conquer a room in less steps than anybody else, a satisfying "1st place" will be displayed.  Take a look at the glorious high scores page.  Your entire career as a DROD player will be tracked here!
  • With a CaravelNet membership you can talk with other players as you play and build, using our in-game chat. Also chat right on the CaravelNet Forum!
  • Rate holds you play on overall fun and difficulty as you play.
  • After conquering a room, you can watch replays of what other players did in the same room.  Also, movies of you playing are optionally shown to other players.  This is good fun for competing against each other.  When you beat somebody's score, they will get to admire your brilliant manuevering!
  • If you need help on a room, you can use CaravelNet's Hints and Solutions system.  It will show you a map of rooms you've already visited and you can choose the one for which you want help.  Then existing messages from other other players for that room will be shown.  If none of the messages apply to you, you can post a new question about the room.  The people on CaravelNet are a friendly group and it isn't hard to get a few hints to help you along.
  • You can download over 25,000 player-created rooms directly from our server without even leaving the game.  Just choose "Change Location" from the main menu and a list of all available level collections will appear.  This list is supplied live from our server and is always up-to-date.
  • You can make your own level collections with the editor and publish them on CaravelNet.  All of the above features will also apply to your creation, so high scores for CaravelNet players will be tracked, player movies will be available, the hint system will provide help, and players will be able to download your levels from inside the game.  We don't just drop your levels on a website someplace and call it good--no way!  Your creative efforts will move through the system like oxygen in a bloodstream, carried to eager players waiting to see what you can offer!
  • You can create private beta-testing areas for your level collections on the Caravel Forum.  Only you and your buddies can see these areas.
  • There is a special download section just for registered CaravelNet users. Here, you can download any games you have previously purchased and registered to your Caravel forum account for free at any time.

What's coming up next on CaravelNet?
  • Flash DROD! Integrated high scores while playing online right in your web browser. Click the "Play Now" button on the left sidebar!

There are many more features in early stages of planning.  CaravelNet will continue to grow.  Check back later for updates!

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