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Smitemaster's Selections

The Truthlock Method

Winter/Spring 2009: Smitemaster for Hire

Summer 2008: Devilishly Dangerous Dungeons of Doom

Summer/Fall 2006: Journey's End

Spring 2006: Beethro's Teacher

Winter 2005: Halph Stories

Fall 2005: Perfection

In those long months between the releases of full products, we have to keep our DROD-loving population from going nuts.  So we came up with Smitemaster's Selections, which are basically level expansion packs for DROD.  These Caravel-produced level collections add to the official story of DROD with quality writing and voice acting.  You will have new puzzles to solve that live up to standards set by our full products like DROD: The City Beneath. The latest Smitemaster's Selection is entitled The Truthlock Method. It features a great new hold, Finding the First Truth, by master architect George Wanfried. Order a copy for download now!

Click the cover images of the Smitemaster's Selections on the right to read more about each of them. Any of these are available to order for download.

The downloadable version includes the expansion pack level collections (holds).  You can order and download these expansions right away.  We use a system where you buy credits that are used in your user profile on the Caravel Forum to unlock the Smitemaster's Selections of your choice for download at any time.  Buying one credit will allow you to download any Smitemaster's Selection of your choice, and you will be e-mailed instructions on how to apply the credit to a Caravel Forum user account.

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