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Solve the Mystery of the Second Sky

After clicking a link below, you will be taken to a secure form hosted by our processing company to complete your order.  Your provided information will remain completely confidential. Providing a more secure e-mail address with your order will tend to facilitate quicker order processing. You are covered by our guarantee, which offers a full refund in the 90 days following purchase if you are in any way unsatisfied with our product.

  • Choose to order the downloadable-only version of DROD: The Second Sky for $19.95 on Windows, Mac OS X (Intel 64-bit), or Linux. After ordering, you will receive a registration email from Caravel. Registering will allow you to re-download the game from our site for any above the above OSes.
  • Click here to order the downloadable DROD: TSS Game + Music Bundle  for $24.95. This bundle includes the full game, plus ten pumping, thematic tracks specially composed for the game by Emmett Plant.  Ordering this version gives you instant download access to lossless copies of the music as soon as you register your order on the Caravel Forum.  Plus, hold architects receive a license to use this music in their own DROD holds.

Special Offer

  • Receive one free month of CaravelNet service when you register your order on the Caravel Forum through an e-mail that will automatically be sent you following your order. Also, registering with us lets you re-download the game for any OS.

If you have any questions, please e-mail and we will be happy to answer them.