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Summer/Fall 2006 Smitemaster's Selection: Journey's End

Beethro comes to the end of the High Path, just outside Rooted Hold where the story continues in DROD: The City Beneath.  Listening to popular demand, we turned the difficulty level down to give you and Beethro a break.  One of the two holds included, Smitemastery 101 is an introductory adventure designed for children or perhaps just the less-determined.  The other hold, Master Locks is brought to you in two different versions, normal and hard, so you can choose your challenge.

Disc Contents

  • Smitemastery 101 by Jacob Grinfeld
  • Master Locks by Larry Murk
  • This Pointless Thing Called Life - Chapter 1, an audio drama much in the style of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Recorded interview with Erik Hermansen of Caravel Games.
  • Recorded interview with Joseph Leiberman, a marketing professional that did some work for Caravel Games.
  • I Saw Isosceles and I Don't Really Hate Putting Up the Christmas Tree--two songs written by Erik Hermansen.  Includes lyrics and "karaoke" versions.
  • More freshly released indie games for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Note: CDs for this issue have sold out and are no longer available. A download of just the holds can be purchased by clicking the "Buy Now" button below.
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