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Twisty Little Passages

An A-maze-ing Game Book of Unique Dungeon Crawl Puzzle Adventures

A never before seen blend of puzzle, maze and dungeon crawl in a book!

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Guide Ren, the Elkassi spy, on an exciting, danger-filled journey to overcome evil and save the world from dark forces.

  • 27 campaigns across multiple story chapters! Each area is a fully illustrated, handcrafted puzzle to solve.
  • Mark your progress directly on glossy laminated pages with a fine-tipped dry-erase pen as you navigate immersive and perplexing mazes.
  • Easy to learn. Starts simple and steadily ramps up in difficulty, with serious brain-teasing challenges all along your journey.
  • Get keys to open doors to new paths. Find secret exits for an extra challenge.
  • Wield powerful weapons and armor.
  • Defeat dangerous enemies and avoid devious traps.
  • Discover magical artifacts, life-giving elixirs and enchantedtreasure.
  • Prepare yourself to conquer the deadly boss at the end of each level.
  • Riddle your way through each puzzle. Discover the correct solution to complete the area and advance the story.
Can you survive the Twisty Little Passages?

Learn how to play and try out some sample puzzles:

Prototype rules (PDF, 9 MB)
Demo Puzzle 1-1: Kradra Dungeon -- keys and locks tutorial (PDF)
Demo Puzzle 1-2: Underground Caverns -- combat tutorial (PDF)
Demo Puzzle 1-3: Abandoned Hub -- armor tutorial (PDF)
Demo Puzzle 1-4: Roach Nest -- weapon tutorial (PDF)
Demo Puzzle 1-5: Kradra Prison Escape -- multiple enemies tutorial (PDF)

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